About the project


The ICT4Elders project brings the social services providers unique tools and outputs to raise awareness of your clients in the digital world and to enhance their digital skills. Do not hesitate to use them and visit the project website.

ICT skills of the elderly from the perspective of the service providers


Especially during the pandemic, COVID 19, the social services providers were forced to teach their clients – older persons – how to use and control different devices to have a distant contact with their family members, but also with doctors. And not only from this experience, we know that it’s extremely important to improve the digital skills of our clients and to help them to understand our digital world and be part of it. And that’s why ICT4Elders project is there – not only for older persons but also for social care providers.

Digital skills and social inclusion

Grigoris Chryssikos of the Symplexis organization talks about the digital skills of the elderly in direct relation to their social inclusion.


The pandemic changed everything! Apart from the risks it posed to our health, Covid further digitalized communication with our loved ones, entertainment, government services, banking, shopping and everyday life in general. As a result, people with limited computer skills, such as a large proportion of older people, are unable to meet their daily needs, become isolated and their life quality declines. This is exactly what the ICT4ELDERS project aims to prevent by equipping older people with the right computer skills and tools in order to remain active citizens and enhance their well-being.

Most interesting technologies for the elderly

Zdenek Vyhnis of the Czech organization Zivot Plus talks about the technologies that get the most interest from their elderly clients and why projects like ICT4Elders are important to them.


All of our clients have some degree of user experience with modern technology. In our case, stationary and mobile assistive technology. In addition, we also run courses to develop skills in the use of smart devices. Based on the experience from the courses we have conducted, we can say that the elderly primarily want to use their devices to communicate on the internet through email apps like WhatsApp or Skype, and also Facebook. These skills are extremely valuable for the elderly as they allow them to keep in touch with their family and loved ones. In our experience, the elderly are often motivated to continue learning and developing their knowledge after the course. For this reason, we consider the prepared lessons of the ICT4Elders project as a good start for not only beginners. We hope you will like them.