Verification of information within ICT4Elders as a way of elders protection and empowerment

In the nursing home SeneCura SeniorCentrum Klamovka we are looking after seniors in average age of 89. Even in this age we can see many clients who are interest in IT Technologies.

Before the project ICT4 Elders started, we had two meetings with clients, director Petra Pipková and the coordinator of activities Radka Vondrášková. All clients were introduced to project ICT4E and all questions were answered. The clients were eager to find out more about IT technologies and learning new things. We were surprised how many clients were interested and curious.

Meanwhile our staff was introduced to the project ICT4Elders. The director gave more information within a meeting. Employees were given an offer to join the project by filling up a questionnaire. Overall 20 copies were distributed to nurses, social workers, aktivity workers, care takers and physiotherapists. They had one week to fill up. The questionnaires for family members were filled with support of activity workers, who asked for help family members during the meeting with their parents. Firstly, the questionnaires were cleared to familly member. Then we asked them to send it back this via e-mail or mail. This kind of questionnaires were created in an on-line form so that it could be easily send throught e-mail.

The next part of the project were two so-called “Focus groups”. The preparation in this part was very demanding. Mr. Vyhnis and his collague prepared six different newspaper articles, three of them were “fake news”.

Next step was to discuss the articles in meeting room with Mr Vyhnis, his collegue and 6 of our clients. At the beginning, clients were informed what is the purpose of the group. Than they discussed the articles and how trustworthy they are. A very important point was how they deal with the verification of information. For both groups of seniors were quite common to discusse the topic of articles more than it’s truthfulness.

In both groups, all our clients were eager to learn more about IT Technologies, want to find out how to use internet, Google, Mozilla, Explorer, and other platforms like Skype, Facebook. In addition, they want to learn how to get rid off all the advertisment, which are quite bothering for them.

Author: Petra Pipkova – director of Senecura Klamovka