Recognizing the needs and wants of elderly people in the context of digital technologies

For the last two months Život Plus has been working closely especially with SeneCura to complete the rest of analytical activities which take place during the first intellectual output of the project ICT4Elders. The aim was to conduct a survey using questionnaires, to conduct interviews with individuals working with elders or family members of the elders and to carry out a social experiment with the elders.

In order to fulfill the planned activities Život Plus performed a translation of the questionnaires and instructions for the interviews with elders. The questionnaires were distributed to workers with the elders and also to family members of the elders. The instructions for interviews were modified in cooperation with SeneCura to ensure the collected information will be useful for the upcoming activities of the project. The interviews were conducted by SeneCura with their clients at the same time as the questionnaires were distributed to their employees and to employees of Život Plus.

The most challenging activity was conducting social experiment with the elders. Život Plus has prepared six articles for this activity, half of them was truthful and the other half represented “Fake News”.  The experiment took place at SeneCura Klamovka facility with their clients. The elders were very open and happy to share with us their opinions on digital technology. Some of the articles caught their attention and started a discussion. The elders were very successful in recognizing which article is true or fake.

At the moment the questionnaires and interviews are being processed and evaluated. The social experiment has already been processed and the document is ready for comments from cooperating partners. In the following weeks, the outputs will be used to create a national report.

Author: Zdeněk Vyhnis – Život+