The ICT4Elders training in Greece has been completed!

The ICT4Elders training in Greece has been completed!

The training involved professionals in the field of older adult care who in turn trained older people in the use of electronic devices and the internet.

The ICTElders training took place in March and April 2023 involving 30 professionals (social workers, carers etc.) and 30 older adults.

During the first phase of the training, the consortium introduced the ICT4Elders training material, the e-learning platform, and a training guide to the professionals in order for them to acquire the appropriate skills and tools to provide ICT guidance to older adults.

In the second phase, the trained professionals provided training on ICT skills to older adults (70+) by using the ICT4Elders e-learning platform. More specifically, the older adults were trained on 3 modules: i) Devices, Internet, Applications ii) Online Communication, Entertainment & Health iii) Online Safety.

The ICT4ELders e-learning platform is available for free in 3 languages (English, Greek, Czech) and will also be soon available in German. All that is required is a simple registration using your email address.

Register now, here!