Project partner video interviews

As a part of the ICT4Elders project promotion, we have started producing short and simple videos with our project partners, and we will keep going. You can already check out the first 4 videos in our VIDEOS section.

Jiri Horecky, president of the European Ageing Network and the Association of the Social Services Providers of the Czech Republic shortly introduces the project and in his second video talks about the importance of the digital skills of the elderly in difficult times, such as periods of Covid pandemic.

Grigoris Chryssikos from Symplexis organization talks about the digital skills of the elderly in direct relation to their social inclusion and active citizenship.

Zdenek Vyhnis from the Czech organization Zivot Plus talks about their experience and findings about technologies that get the most interest from their elderly clients and why projects like ICT4Elders are important to them.

We keep the production simple and the videos to the point and are sure you will find the project partners’ first-hand perspective useful and interesting.