First project F2F meeting in Prague

On July 28th – 29th 2021 the ICT4Elders consortium could already met face to face! Our first F2F meeting was hosted by APSS ČR in cooperation with EAN.

The first goal of our meeting was to present the results of Analytical activities, which were organized in the Czech Republic, Greece and Germany. The ICT4Elders consortium provided 26 individual interviews with older adults, got information from 80 professionals and family members, and organized the social experiment with 22 older adults to find out if they are able to recognize fake news. The results of these activities help us to focus the new training on topics most relevant to older adults.

The second, and probably the most important goal of our meeting, was to set up the main steps for development of the training. The ICT4Elders consortium agreed on the methodological framework and topics we should focus on. The training is not aiming only for the relevant topics, but also how to transfer the knowledge to older adults in the best possible way.

The next project meeting of ICT4Elders consortium is scheduled for January 2022. The next meeting will be hosted by AKMI who has the main responsibility for the training development.


Simona Matějková, APSS ČR