Check out the ICT4Elders training material & e-learning platform!

The ICT4Elders training material and the e-learning platform is on! Social workers and caregivers, volunteers, students and companions of older adults, family members of an older person, VET trainers, active ageing organizations, nursing homes, and NGOs working in the field of social inclusion will have the opportunity to introduce themselves to essential ICT tools and applications.

Training Course

Over the last year, the partnership has been working for the development of the training material on the basis of the followings three main pillars: 1. Devices, Internet & Applications, 2. Online Communication, Entertainment & Health, 3. Online Safety.

The ICT4Elders modules aim to introduce learners to the basic understanding of devices, the basic understanding of the Internet and web browsers. In addition, learners will have the chance to take the first steps to browse, download and use applications (Module 1), while enhancing learners’ understanding in the search for entertaining apps and websites, physical-mental health apps & tools (Module 2), and making students familiar with e-banking, online shopping, online safety in communication and apps (Module 3).

The modular approach let the learners go through different subtopics and have clear idea of what they are going to learn. In this context, each module consists of three units. Here is an overview of the main ICT4Elders training structure.

Module 1: Devices, Internet & Applications Unit 1: Devices, Input Devices and Basic Tools
Unit 2: Internet & web browsers
Unit 3: Applications
Module 2: Online Communication, Entertainment & Health Unit 1: Communication
Unit 2: Entertainment
Unit 3: Health
Module 3: Online Safety Unit 1: E-payments
Unit 2: Misinformation
Unit 3: Inappropriate content

 Given that theory can be better understood when it’s combined with practice, each module includes a series of interactive and diverse assessments to help the learners practice the new knowledge gained more efficiently, and a glossary of key terms in the Internet world.

MOOC Platform

In parallel, the partners have been designing and developing the e-learning platform for hosting the “ICT4Elders training course-Promoting ICT knowledge for the elderly people”.

The first page of the MOOC platform includes a short description of the online course. The learners have the chance to define the course description, the target group, a brief description of the curriculum, the learning outcomes, the course’s length, the assessment methodology, the participation requirements, and the special needs of the educational environment.

Furthermore, the ICT4Elders learners will find the dashboard with the three ICT4Elders modules, each of which is constituted by three units. The structure of the page of each unit includes a video lecture engaging the learners with the unit’s topic. In parallel, the learners have the chance to read the presentation material and check the current state of their knowledge and competencies gained in a list of diverse and interactive assessments. Lastly, the ICT4Elders learners can check the main ICT terms’ definitions to learn and recall them effortlessly.

Thus, the ICT4Elders e-learning platform is an online educational environment providing elderly people with the primary skills needed to become confident and competent digital world citizens.

Click on the following link to find the e-learning platform in all partner languages (English, Czech, Greek, German).

 “ICT4Elders – Promoting ICT knowledge for the elderly people” is a two-year project that aims to bridge the digital divide between generations by enhancing the digital skills and competencies of older persons. The project started on November 2020 and is implemented in the Czech Republic, Greece, Germany, and Luxembourg, with the financial support of the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

Christina Triantafyllou – project manager of AKMI